Dish­wa­sher deter­gents
House­hold laundry
Hard sur­face clea­ners
Pro­duct care


Food and drink
Kit­chens and cate­ring
Buil­ding main­ten­ance
Tech­nical clea­ning
Vehicle clea­ning

From car polish to window cleaner. From colour deter­gents to odour neu­tra­li­zers. From house­hold clea­ning pro­ducts to highly effi­cient dis­in­fec­tants. Whe­ther for an ope­ra­ting table or for the kit­chen worktop at home.

We all use clea­ning pro­ducts for dif­fe­rent pur­poses and in various forms on a daily basis. For all these dif­fe­rent requi­re­ments, the Brenntag team for the clea­ning pro­duct industry has exactly the right solu­tion to make our lives easier!

Diverse needs

Brenntag’s clea­ning pro­duct experts are fami­liar with our custo­mers’ dif­fe­rent needs and adapt to the cur­rent and chan­ging trends in this industry. The requi­re­ments are diverse: manu­fac­tu­rers of clea­ning pro­ducts ask for green, sustainable pro­ducts, for example, or for skin-friendly deter­gents and clea­ning pro­ducts that deliver excel­lent results even at low tem­pe­ra­tures. Our experts have exten­sive spe­cia­list know­ledge and work with the customer to develop tailored solu­tions.

To enable us to best serve the custo­mers’ dif­fe­rent wishes, we at Brenntag dis­tin­guish bet­ween one part of the busi­ness that covers house­hold requi­re­ments and ano­ther part that sup­plies pro­ducts for indus­trial and insti­tu­tional pur­poses such as hos­pi­tals. After all, not every dish­wa­sher is the same. Whilst a wash cycle on a domestic app­li­ance lasts around 90 minutes, an indus­trial dish­wa­sher cannot take more than around 90 seconds.

In par­ti­cular by ope­ning our deter­gent rese­arch and app­li­ca­tion centre in Bar­ce­lona, Brenntag has expanded its exten­sive port­folio of pro­ducts and ser­vices for the dif­fe­rent seg­ments of this industry yet fur­ther. Equipped with state-of-the-art tech­no­logy, the lab now also offers rese­arch and deve­lop­ment for custo­mers and sup­pliers in the clea­ning pro­duct industry in our EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) region. The lab is affi­liated to the mate­rials sci­ence rese­arch centre at the Uni­ver­sity of Bar­ce­lona, enab­ling inten­sive inter­ac­tion with uni­ver­sity experts from dif­fe­rent coun­tries and access to labs offe­ring fur­ther ser­vices.

The aim of our activi­ties is to reduce the con­sump­tion of raw mate­rials and improve pro­duct per­for­mance, thereby crea­ting real added value for our custo­mers!

For a large European manu­fac­turer of clea­ning pro­ducts that, among other things, makes deter­gents in the form of liquid deter­gents, washing pow­ders and deter­gent cap­sules for house­hold use, the Brenntag experts deve­loped a for­mu­la­tion to better adapt the pro­duct to customer requi­re­ments. The Brenntag experts were able to develop a more environmentally-friendly for­mula that even deli­vers better clea­ning results in some areas.

This is just one example of the many tasks and chal­lenges we face in this industry. “We want to con­tinue to evolve, share our know-how with our part­ners and offer the best pos­sible solu­tions for our custo­mers and sup­pliers”, says Franz Fischer.

In our lab in Bar­ce­lona, we con­duct exten­sive per­for­mance tests, which we pre­sent to the customer.

»The wishes and inquiries we receive from our customers in the cleaning product industry are highly individual. There are, of course, trends that apply across a number of market segments, but more specifically, we always have to adapt to a customer and their particular needs. That makes our work very interesting, but at the same time you have to be flexible and offer efficient solutions!«



Suc­cess requires team­work: con­cepts and solu­tions are dis­cussed with col­leagues.