The cos­me­tics industry has many attri­butes that make it so spe­cial: inno­va­tion, crea­ti­vity, consumer-centricity and speed! And it is pre­cisely these attri­butes that com­pa­nies active in the cos­me­tics sector have to deliver.

Global market with a tra­ding value of USD
bn in 2019!

of European con­su­mers see cos­me­tics as important or very important in their daily lives!

Manu­fac­tu­rers refor­mate 25%
of their pro­ducts every year!

Hardly any other industry is as mul­ti­fa­ceted as the cos­me­tics sector! Cos­metic pro­ducts cover a wide range of needs that are fami­liar to all of us.

Sun creams pro­tect our skin from harmful UV rays; tooth­pastes and mou­th­wash keep our teeth healthy and our breath fresh. Anti-ageing pro­ducts make us look fresher and younger. Fra­grant shower gels make our body feel good. And on dull days, that new lip­s­tick lifts our mood!

Innovation, creativity and speed

Our experts at Brenntag Cos­me­tics do this every day! In the EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) region alone, we serve more than 2,800 custo­mers in the cos­me­tics industry. Through their con­tact and col­la­bo­ra­tion with our custo­mers, our col­leagues working in this field also learn a great deal about con­sumer wishes and market poten­tial. This know­ledge and ideas about cur­rent trends are shared with our sup­pliers and trans­lated into inno­va­tive, forward-looking con­cepts and solu­tions, which we develop in our app­li­ca­tion cen­tres spe­cia­li­zing in cos­me­tics. We thus enable our sup­pliers to market their raw mate­rials in the cos­me­tics industry suc­cess­fully.

But the sector never stands still! In order to keep its finger on the pulse and fulfil its own mis­sion to be an inno­va­tion partner to our custo­mers in the cos­me­tics industry, Brenntag Cos­me­tics is con­stantly deve­lo­ping its port­folio. We carry out our own market rese­arch so that trends can be spotted at an early stage and trans­lated into inno­va­tive for­mu­la­tion con­cepts. In addi­tion, we are con­ti­nuously expan­ding our offe­ring of new and unique raw mate­rials and so are able to offer a wide variety of inno­va­tive pro­ducts.

The employees in our app­li­ca­tion centre in Amiens work with col­leagues from all over Europe.
In this fast-moving sector, Brenntag ope­rates in a posi­tion bet­ween raw mate­rial sup­pliers and cos­me­tics manu­fac­tu­rers. While con­sumer demands, the pro­duct port­folio and pro­duct func­tio­n­a­lity are beco­ming increa­singly com­plex, the spe­cia­list know­ledge offered by Brenntag’s experts and its exten­sive value-added ser­vices pro­vide an ideal plat­form for brin­ging new pro­ducts to con­sumer mar­kets.
»In recent years, we have realigned our strategy for the cosmetics sector and raised our profile. We see ourselves as a sales and marketing partner to our suppliers and as a provider of individual solutions for our customers.«
Michael Wilkop

Director Mar­ke­ting Pharma & Cos­me­tics EMEA

The team deve­lops con­cepts for customer solu­tions, pro­duct lines and trade fair appearances.


Sustai­na­bi­lity in the cos­me­tics industry sup­ports ethical and envi­ron­mental stan­dards in the supply chain.


Pro­ducts and ser­vices are cus­to­mized exactly to suit an indi­vi­dual end con­sumer with very spe­cific needs.


Pro­ducts with a low water con­tent also require fewer pre­ser­va­tives to achieve the same shelf life.


Our skin is a com­plex eco­system con­tai­ning various micro­or­ga­nisms. Envi­ron­mental pol­lu­tion places a strain on this system. Micro­biome cos­me­tics help to keep this com­pli­cated system in balance.

What is important to being suc­cessful in the cos­me­tics industry?

CLAUDIA The capa­city for inno­va­tion and the crea­ti­vity to fulfil con­sumer expec­ta­tions are the main dri­vers in the beauty industry. For­mu­la­tors con­tinue to seek opti­mized ingre­dients that deliver excep­tional per­for­mance in order to meet gro­wing con­sumer expec­ta­tions. The chal­lenge is to offer solu­tions that fit the diverse needs of global con­su­mers while at the same time enga­ging with con­stantly increa­sing per­for­mance expec­ta­tions.

Who are your custo­mers and how do you sup­port them?

NICOLAS Our custo­mers are manu­fac­tu­rers of con­sumer pro­ducts that are used for beauty and per­sonal care, inclu­ding mainly skin care, hair care, deodo­rants, makeup and colour cos­me­tics. We help our custo­mers to improve their pro­ducts by offe­ring an exten­sive range of top-performing ingre­dients. We work tog­e­ther with them to iden­tify and select the best ingre­dients to meet their needs and offer com­pre­hen­sive for­mu­la­tions gui­d­ance and advice.

AMÉLIE In our app­li­ca­tion cen­tres, we sup­port custo­mers in crea­ting safe pro­duct for­mu­la­tions that deliver supe­rior per­for­mance and unique sen­sory effects. Sen­sory is the main cha­rac­te­ristic for custo­mers loo­king for a new cos­metic pro­duct.

Every year, Brenntag Cos­me­tics adopts a new motto, such as “Clean, pure & simple” or “Sen­Sense”. What are you aiming to achieve here and how do your custo­mers react?

FRAN­COIS Our claims should reflect our vision and under­stan­ding of the market; how we cap­ture new trends and trans­late them into pro­duct con­cepts for our custo­mers. Our main goal is to be able to pro­vide solu­tions for our custo­mers and anti­ci­pate their future needs and requi­re­ments.

From left to right:






AMÉLIE We get very posi­tive feed­back from our custo­mers. They approach us and ask for our sup­port and exper­tise to transfer our con­cepts into their pro­ducts. Our custo­mers reco­gnize us as a reli­able and inno­va­tive partner; we are clearly seen as a solu­tion pro­vider.

Team­work is also very important in the cos­me­tics industry. How is your team made up and how do you achieve suc­cess tog­e­ther?

FRAN­COIS Our team con­sists of Account Mana­gers, Busi­ness Deve­lop­ment Mana­gers, Pro­duct Mana­gers and App­li­ca­tion Engi­neers. Ever­y­body has their unique tasks. While our Busi­ness Deve­lop­ment Mana­gers focus on deve­lo­ping the customer pro­ject pipe­line, our Account Mana­gers are clo­sest to our custo­mers when it comes to con­ver­ting busi­ness oppor­tu­nities into sales. Once we are working on a pro­ject, our App­li­ca­tion Engi­neers sup­port us when it comes to tech­nical know-how regar­ding dif­fe­rent app­li­ca­tions or the spe­cific use and per­for­mance of raw mate­rials. We have to cover a wide range of skills – and are most suc­cessful when we all work tog­e­ther!