General con­di­tions of use

1. Pro­vi­sion of general data and infor­ma­tion

BRENNTAG makes every effort to ensure that the infor­ma­tion and data con­tained on its web­site is cor­rect. However, we can accept no lia­bi­lity or gua­rantee that the infor­ma­tion and data pro­vided is up-to-date, cor­rect and com­plete. This also app­lies for all other web­sites referred to by means of a hyper­link. Nor is BRENNTAG respon­sible for the con­tents of such web­sites reached by means of such a link. BRENNTAG reserves the right to modify or sup­ple­ment the infor­ma­tion or data pro­vided wit­hout prior notice.

2. Lia­bi­lity

BRENNTAG does not assume any lia­bi­lity for the avai­la­bi­lity or freedom from trou­bles of the ser­vices offered under Brenntag.com by partner enter­prises. Nor does BRENNTAG assume any respon­si­bi­lity or lia­bi­lity that the ser­vices offered by partner enter­prises under Brenntag.com comply with sta­tutory regu­la­tions. Any lia­bi­lity for actions of partner enter­prises is excluded.

Whe­rever BRENNTAG offers ser­vices itself, the General Terms and Con­di­tions of the respec­tive BRENNTAG group com­pany offe­ring the ser­vices shall be app­li­cable and these are avail­able at the appro­priate place.

As for the rest, BRENNTAG can only be held liable — on wha­tever legal grounds, inclu­ding for­bidden actions‑,

if aut­ho­rised rep­re­sen­ta­tives or exe­cu­tive staff of BRENNTAG cause a damage through gross negli­gence or with intent or cul­p­ably vio­late an obli­ga­tion that is essen­tial to the con­tract (car­dinal obli­ga­tion) in a manner that end­an­gers the pur­pose of the con­tract,


if per­sons employed in per­forming an obli­ga­tion of BRENNTAG who are not aut­ho­rised rep­re­sen­ta­tives or exe­cu­tive staff vio­late an obli­ga­tion that is essen­tial to the con­tract (car­dinal obli­ga­tion) in a manner that end­an­gers the pur­pose of the con­tract through gross negli­gence or with intent.

If aut­ho­rised rep­re­sen­ta­tives or exe­cu­tive staff of BRENNTAG vio­late a car­dinal obli­ga­tion through slight negli­gence, BRENN­TAG’s lia­bi­lity is restricted to such typical damage that was rea­son­ably fore­see­able on con­clu­sion of the con­tract.

The lia­bi­lity of BRENNTAG according to the pro­duct lia­bi­lity law and other man­datory sta­tutory regu­la­tions remains unaf­fected by the for­going limi­ta­tion of lia­bi­lity. Any fur­ther lia­bi­lity on the part of BRENNTAG is excluded.

Price quo­ta­tions for pro­ducts and ser­vices shown at Brenntag.com are sub­ject to cor­rec­tion.

3. Copy­right

The con­tent of the BRENNTAG web­site is copy­right pro­tected. The copying of infor­ma­tion or data, par­ti­cu­larly the use of texts, parts of texts or pic­to­rial mate­rial, requires the prior con­sent of Brenntag Hol­ding GmbH. The texts and pic­to­rial mate­rial offered expressly for fur­ther dis­tri­bu­tion in the “Press forum” chapter are exempted from this.

4. App­li­cable law

All infor­ma­tion or data, its use and the log-in into BRENNTAG web­sites as well as all actions, tole­ra­tions or nonac­tions asso­ciated with the BRENNTAG web­sites are sub­ject exclu­si­vely to German law. The place of juris­dic­tion is Mül­heim.

BRENNTAG on the topic of data pro­tec­tion

We are very con­cerned about the safety of per­sonal data such as name, address, phone number or e‑mail. Our web activi­ties are thus governed by the laws on data pro­tec­tion and data secu­rity. In the fol­lo­wing we will exp­lain just what infor­ma­tion we collect if necessary and how we handle this.

1. Per­sonal data

In principle, the pro­tec­tion of your per­sonal data takes top prio­rity for BRENNTAG. This is why we do not collect any per­sonal data through our web­site wit­hout your con­sent. You alone decide whe­ther you want to give us this data or not, for example during regis­tra­tion, in a survey, etc.

We gene­rally use your per­sonal date to answer your enquiry, pro­cess your order or give you access to spe­cial infor­ma­tion or offers. In the inte­rests of customer rela­tions, it may fur­ther­more be necessary to save and edit your per­sonal data and, e.g., pass it on to our group com­pa­nies to better deal with your wishes or improve our pro­ducts and ser­vices. We (or third par­ties on our behalf) may also use this data to inform you of BRENNTAG offers which may be useful for your busi­ness, or to carry out online sur­veys through which we can better meet your requi­re­ments. Data that is not needed will be deleted imme­dia­tely.

Natu­rally, we will also respect your wish not to use your per­sonal data to assist our customer rela­tions — par­ti­cu­larly for direct mar­ke­ting or market rese­arch. We will neither sell your per­sonal data to third par­ties nor dis­tri­bute this in any other manner.

2. Non-personal date

When you access our web­sites, infor­ma­tion is occa­sio­nally collected auto­ma­ti­cally (i.e. not through a regis­tra­tion), whereby this infor­ma­tion cannot be assi­gned to a spe­cific person (e.g. Internet browser and ope­ra­ting system used; domain name of the Web­site from where you arrived; number of visits, average dwell time, pages called up). We and our group com­pa­nies use this infor­ma­tion to deter­mine the attrac­tiveness of our web­sites and improve their con­tents.

3. “Coo­kies” ‑infor­ma­tion that is auto­ma­ti­cally stored on your com­puter

When you visit one of our web­sites infor­ma­tion may be saved on your com­puter as a “cookie” which is then auto­ma­ti­cally reco­gnised the next time you visit the site. Coo­kies, for example, allow us to adapt a web­site to your inte­rests or to save your pass­word so that you do not have to enter it every time your visit the site. If you do not want us to reco­gnise your com­puter, please set your Internet browser so that it deletes coo­kies from your com­puter hard disk, blocks all coo­kies or warns you before saving a cookie.

4. Children

Children should not send per­sonal data to BRENNTAG web­sites wit­hout the con­sent of their par­ents or guar­dian. BRENNTAG advises all par­ents and guar­dians to teach their children how to safely and respon­sibly handle per­sonal data on the Internet. BRENNTAG will at all events not kno­wingly collect the per­sonal data of children or in any way use this or dis­c­lose this to third par­ties wit­hout aut­ho­ri­sa­tion.

5. Safety

BRENNTAG takes pre­cau­tions to ensure the safety of your per­sonal data. Your data will be con­sci­en­tiously pro­tected against loss, dest­ruc­tion, fal­si­fi­ca­tion, mani­pu­la­tion and unaut­ho­rised access or unaut­ho­rised dis­clo­sure.

6. Links to other web­sites

The BRENNTAG web­sites con­tain links to other web­sites. BRENNTAG is not respon­sible for the data pro­tec­tion stra­tegy or the con­tents of these other web­sites.

7. Ques­tions and comments

If you have any ques­tions or comments on data pro­tec­tion as prac­ticed by BRENNTAG (for example the inspec­tion and update of your per­sonal data) please con­tact us under the key­word “Data Pro­tec­tion”. The fur­ther deve­lop­ment of the Internet will also affect our data pro­tec­tion stra­tegy. Alte­ra­tions will be announced in this page in due time.

8. Trade­mark

Brenntag is a regis­tered trade­mark of Brenntag Hol­ding GmbH. We reserve the right to take pro­cee­dings against any infrin­ge­ment of Brenntag Trade­mark.

In case you would like to use Brenntag Trade­mark e.g. for adver­ti­sing pur­pose, please con­tact trademark@nullbrenntag.de prior to any use of Brenntag Trade­mark.