Diver­sity not only plays an important role in Brenntag’s busi­ness model. Intern­ally as well, we are always endea­vou­ring to raise awa­reness of diver­sity and inclu­sion within our work­force.

It might now be con­si­dered only natural to remain open to other cul­tures, reli­gions, natio­na­li­ties and beha­viours and act com­ple­tely free of bias in an envi­ron­ment of diver­sity. But almost ever­yone is guilty of being uncon­sciously guided by pre­con­ceived views or influ­ences from their upbrin­ging in their ever­yday beha­viour and decision-making.

Diversity & Inclusion

Brenntag has the­re­fore initiated a Diver­sity & Inclu­sion Com­mittee. This is made up of eight col­leagues from dif­fe­rent fields and all Brenntag regions. Their mis­sion is to pro­mote the topic of diver­sity and inclu­sion in their respec­tive func­tions and raise awa­reness among their employees and col­leagues. It is about loo­king at things from dif­fe­rent per­spec­tives and in some cases step­ping back from old thought pat­terns. Brenntag wishes to foster col­la­bo­ra­tion bet­ween people from dif­fe­rent back­grounds.

This is easier in mixed groups made up of employees of any gender with dif­fe­rent expe­ri­ences and cul­tural back­grounds, dif­fe­rent qua­li­fi­ca­tions and dif­fe­rent ways of com­mu­ni­ca­ting.

As a first step, Brenntag plans to intro­duce trai­ning offe­rings desi­gned to help break down sub­li­minal and uncon­scious biases as well as a men­to­ring pro­gramme intended to sharpen the focus on con­ti­nuous inter­ac­tion and open­ness in a mul­ti­cul­tural working envi­ron­ment. This will allow the com­pany to develop a number of new spe­cia­lists and fuel their enthu­siasm for Brenntag.