The food and nut­ri­tion industry is just as diverse as people’s tastes and we at Brenntag Food & Nut­ri­tion divide it into dif­fe­rent market seg­ments. 

Meat, poultry and fish pro­ces­sing

and bread

Dairy pro­ducts
and ice cream


Cho­co­late and


Fruit and vege­table pro­ces­sing

Func­tional foods, die­tary sup­ple­ments, diet pro­ducts

Brenntag Food & Nut­ri­tion is the lea­ding dis­tri­butor and ser­vice pro­vider for food ingre­dients. Every day, the more than 900 experts at work in our global Food & Nut­ri­tion orga­ni­za­tion help to deliver the best pos­sible result in terms of taste, tex­ture, nut­ri­tional com­po­si­tion and shelf life for our custo­mers’ pro­ducts by app­lying their exper­tise and market know­ledge.

The working rela­ti­onship we have with our custo­mers and sup­pliers in the food and nut­ri­tion industry involves con­stant dia­logue. We are in close con­tact with our part­ners on a day-to-day basis and at the lea­ding trade fairs around the globe. Our regional teams offer our pro­ducts and exten­sive advice around app­li­ca­tion and deve­lop­ment options and assist with ques­tions about food design and food tech­no­logy. Besides selec­ting alter­na­tive ingre­dients and deve­lo­ping inno­va­tive fla­vour pro­files, the aim is also to improve entire pro­duc­tion pro­cesses at the customer’s end.

The dyna­mics of the food and nut­ri­tion industry are par­ti­cu­larly diverse. While we see global trends such as con­sumer demand for reduced-sugar, plant-based or vegan foods, there are also some quite spe­cific deve­lop­ments that vary depen­ding on the region or country. Our Food & Nut­ri­tion orga­ni­za­tion com­bines both ele­ments: we have a local pre­sence in many coun­tries and our custo­mers also benefit from our global net­work. We are thus ide­ally placed to serve this industry’s diverse requi­re­ments.


This burger is sui­table for con­su­mers who want to eat less meat and ins­tead opt for plant-based pro­teins.





gluten and dairy free





No added sugar fruit tea;
reduces stress and relaxes.


Creamy, plant-based yoghurt made from coconut milk and lac­to­se­free yoghurt cul­tures. Sui­table for vegans and food all­ergy suf­fe­rers.


A tasty, healthy choice; high-protein rolls for anyone who simply wants to increase their pro­tein intake.


Tea with lactose-free milk popular in Asia; enri­ched with col­lagen to pro­mote the skin’s firm­ness and elasti­city.

Leading in applications and development

The Brenntag Food & Nut­ri­tion experts offer a variety of ser­vices to address the dif­fe­rent trends in the market seg­ments and, not least of all, to develop the right pro­ducts for our custo­mers. The food and nut­ri­tion industry is also very inno­va­tive and what counts is speed. People ask for clean label pro­ducts, reduced-sugar foods or gluten-free alter­na­tives. Our experts pre­pare indi­vi­dual for­mu­la­tions for all these needs, in each case focu­sing on the rele­vant target group. Some people are vege­ta­rian or vegan, others have to worry about all­er­gies, while still others are active in sports or are loo­king for food to go. When it comes to food and nut­ri­tion, requi­re­ments and wishes are wide-ranging and con­stantly chan­ging. The mis­sion of Brenntag Food & Nut­ri­tion is not only to meet these requi­re­ments, but also to anti­ci­pate trends and stay one step ahead of the market.

Diverse trends

One cur­rent trend in the food and nut­ri­tion industry is vege­ta­ria­nism. Greater awa­reness of envi­ron­mental, per­sonal health and animal wel­fare issues is dri­ving demand for vege­ta­rian pro­ducts. But even within this trend, there are various sub-trends, such as fle­xi­ta­rian, plant protein-enriched, low-carbohydrate, carbohydrate-free, dairy-free and organic foods. This is yet ano­ther example of the mul­ti­tude of requi­re­ments and the diver­sity to which Brenntag has to adapt as a pre­ferred ser­vice partner in this industry. In this case too, Brenntag Food & Nut­ri­tion makes a noti­ce­able dif­fe­rence for its busi­ness part­ners – true to its slogan “Sense the dif­fe­rence”.

Tom Cor­coran has been in charge of our global
Food & Nut­ri­tion orga­ni­za­tion since the end of 2018.
He talks about the repo­si­tio­ning of this busi­ness unit
and the suc­cesses already chalked up by the team.

About one year ago, Brenntag laun­ched Brenntag Food & Nut­ri­tion as a sepa­rate entity. What was the ratio­nale behind this step?

TOM Brenntag was still widely per­ceived as pri­ma­rily a com­mo­dity che­mical dis­tri­butor. It was the natural step to take to address this per­cep­tion. We are the world’s lar­gest dis­tri­butor of ingre­dients and che­mi­cals to the global food industry, so the crea­tion of Brenntag Food & Nut­ri­tion brings more reco­gni­tion of the value we offer our custo­mers and sup­pliers and of the signi­fi­cant size of the busi­ness.

How does your resumé look after one year of having Brenntag Food & Nut­ri­tion in the market?

TOM I’m very satis­fied with how ever­ything has deve­loped. Taking this step is unpar­al­leled in our industry! And it is a chal­lenge because it requires local exe­cu­tion with a global pre­sence. We have local people that now spe­cia­lize only in the food and nut­ri­tion busi­ness and they are engrained in the local cul­tures and busi­nesses. We are con­ti­nuously har­mo­ni­zing best prac­tices across geo­gra­phies. The orga­ni­za­tion we have put in place will improve our agi­lity and market respon­si­veness.

What does Brenntag Food & Nut­ri­tion offer its custo­mers and sup­pliers?

TOM For our custo­mers, Brenntag Food & Nut­ri­tion is the per­fect com­bi­na­tion of indi­vi­dual sup­port and our dis­tri­bu­tion net­work. Our sup­pliers, on the other hand, want more spe­cia­li­za­tion, and this is also what we can offer them – we sup­port them in their pro­jects and pre­sent their pro­ducts to custo­mers. This is true added value for our part­ners! Our big­gest asset, however, are our people, who share a common pas­sion for the food and nut­ri­tion industry. We aspire to be a living net­work, sharing best prac­tices, know­ledge and insights.

How do you think your custo­mers benefit from this collec­tive atti­tude of Brenntag Food & Nut­ri­tion?

TOM We will always strive to be the very best at ever­ything we do, whe­ther that is crea­ting inno­va­tive for­mu­la­tions at our app­li­ca­tion and deve­lop­ment cen­tres, devi­sing effec­tive sales and com­mer­cial pro­cesses, or crea­ting the most effi­cient supply chains pos­sible. And we will make sure that we are easy to do busi­ness with.